The Solari Report has published a series of interviews with Thomas H. Meyer in addition to those listed at Spiritual Science in the Present Age.

Special Report: Spiritual Warfare: Light in the Age of Darkness with Thomas H. MeyerSpecial Report: The Lords Prayer with Thomas H. MeyerSpecial Solari Report: Musings at Christmas and New Year with Thomas MeyerMagnolia Intermezzo: Russia, The Threefold Social Order, and The Present Age with Thomas Meyer, Parts 1 and 2
Special Solari Report: The Meaning of Whitsun with Thomas Meyer | June 2, 2021Special Solari Report: The Three Fold Social Order with Thomas Meyer | February 11, 2021Special Solari Report: Ahriman and the Present Age with Thomas Meyer | January 13, 2021Special Solari Report: Freedom &the Christmas Conjunction with Thomas Meyer | December 23, 2020
Special Solari Report: Comet NEOWISE & the Spirit of Freedom with Thomas Meyer | July 31, 2020Fear Not with Thomas Meyer | March 21, 2020Hero of the Week: Thomas Meyer | November 29, 2019 Journey to Chartres with Thomas Meyer | November 22, 2019
Special Solari Report: Truth Telling 9/11 with Dr. Niels Harrit & Thomas Meyer | September 10, 2019Integrity & Access to Divine Intelligence with Thomas Meyer | August 17, 2019The Story of Gideon with Thomas Meyer | March 23, 2019A Conversation with Thomas Meyer | February 23, 2019