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It is quite natural that in meditation we should, to begin with, use the kind of thinking to which we have always been accustomed; it is only gradually that we can accustom ourselves to give up thinking about external things.”
~ Rudolf Steiner, “Occult Science and Occult Development” (2013)

By Catherine Austin Fitts

In this Spiritual Science in the Present Age lecture, Thomas H. Meyer turns his attention to what Rudolf Steiner had to say about the important topics of inner development and meditation, describing how meditation in the Christian and spiritual science senses of the word “can become the anchor of the soul life on its journey through unending development.”

As an anchor for discussion of these topics, Thomas reminds us of the sevenfold nature of human beings, with four lower parts (the physical, etheric, and astral bodies and the ego) and three higher parts (spirit self, life spirit, and spirit man). He notes that for the purposes of self-development, intellect can only take us so far, helping us understand what is already there. In contrast, meditation is a tool to help us understand what is becoming.