A Short Bio for Rudolf Steiner

  • Born Feb. 27 1861 in Kraljevec (today Croatia)
  • Technical Gymnasium, then Technical High School in Vienna
  • Through teacher K.J. Schröer Steiner becomes the editor of the natural scientific writings of Goethe
  • 1983 Publishes his basic work The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity (Philosophy of Freedom)
  • Around 1900 Starts developing his method of Spiritual Science, in addition to and complementing Natural Science
  • 1902 Supported by later wife Marie von Sievers, General Secretary of German Sec. of Theosophical Society led by Annie Besant
  • 1912 Leaves because of absurdities around young Krishnamurti allegedly being the expected Maitreya Buddha or “Christ”
  • 1913 Lectures within the new Anthroposophical Society founded not by him, but for him
  • 1913 (September) Foundation stone laid for the first Goetheanum cupola building
  • 1917 Memoranda about Threefolding of the social organism
  • 1919 Founding of the first Waldorf School in Stuttgart
  • 1922/23 Burning down of the Goetheanum (arson)
  • 1923/24 New Anthroposophical Society with Steiner as chairman
  • 1924 Agricultural Course, lectures about Karma and Reincarnation
  • 1925 Fundamentals of Therapy, written together with his friend, the doctor Ita Wegman
  • 1925 (March 30th) Steiner dies in Dornach, Switzerland
  • 1928 Second Goetheanum opened

Basic Works:

  • Philosophy of Spiritual Activity
  • Christianity as a Mystical Fact
  • Theosophy
  • How to get Knowledge of Higher Worlds
  • Occult Science
  • Towards Social Renewal
  • Four Mystery Dramas

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