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History and Evolution
History and Evolution

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“Ordinary History – ‘a fable convenue'” ~ Napoleon

    • Sources of spiritual history beyond physical documents
  • Akashic Record – world memory
  • The seven stages of planetary evolution from ancient Saturn to Vulcan
  • The seven members of the human being created at these stages
  • The Creation of Time
  • The spiritual beings behind these processes
  • Christ among the spiritual beings
  • The architects of the physical, etheric, and astral bodies and of the Ego
  • The architects of the four bodies entering the human being still today, at nighttime
  • New elemental beings engendered through lies
  • The seven stages of consciousness from trance to intuition
  • The seven ages of Earth evolution
  • The seven epochs of the post-Atlantean time
  • The end of sexual reproduction
  • The two kinds of humanity in the future
  • Transhumanism or the spiritualization of humanity?
  • SEVEN – the key number of evolution in time
  • The Pleiades and the future of cosmic development

Main Sources: Steiner—Occult Science and Theosophy